Improve Life With Therapeutic Massage

November 21, 2022

A Therapeutic Massage is a type of massage that incorporates different massage styles, known as modalities, to address sensitive areas, trigger points, muscular and nerve restrictions, and to dampen an overactive neuro-protective response.

Our approach to Therapeutic Massage is that through understanding the regional interdependence of muscle functions and their created layers, we are able to intentionally work the muscles more naturally. The intent of touch underlying our technique is focusing on the muscular reactions during your Therapeutic Massage and responding to your body accordingly.

Some of the benefits of Therapeutic Massage include diminished pain, decreased muscle guarding, better muscle tone, improved nerve mobility, greater body awareness, and improved functional mobility.

A proper massage should not be painful beyond what is comfortably uncomfortable. There is a fine line between appropriate discomfort and painful touch. We are receptive to your feedback and able to adjust our technique to best suit your comfort level and needs.

A Therapeutic Massage may be the right option for you if you live an active lifestyle, your job is physically laborious, you have been fighting pain for longer than 6 months, or you are looking for more targeted massage body work.

If you are nervous about receiving your first massage, our Swedish Relaxation Massage is a great way for you to ease into the massage process at your own pace.

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