Know Your Why

February 7, 2022

In anything we do that is meaningful, it is always worth knowing why we are doing it and for whom. When I first decided to become a physical therapist, it was very clear that my intentions were to help people find what they CAN do rather than fixate on what they couldn’t do.

One summer while volunteering at my church’s summer sports camp, I took care of a kid that had cerebral palsy–he went by the name J.V. He and I shared a familial bond even before camp, so taking care of him was nothing out of the ordinary.

During one of the activities, the children were sprinting up and down the basketball court. Other volunteers expected me to sit on the sidelines with J.V. because of his ‘limitations’. But when it came time for him to run, he and I grinned at each other, as if we shared the same thought: “Let’s prove to them what you CAN do.”

In that moment, with J.V.’s hand in mine, we sprinted down the court! It was a glorious moment of empowerment seeing him giggle from his display of ability when others assumed he couldn’t.

This was the moment in time when I decided to take people by the hand and help them realize what they CAN do.

As a physical therapist and massage therapist, I want to know what you live for and help you achieve your purpose in healthy, sustainable, and quality movement. Whether that movement wellness is attained through massage or physical training, I want to be your wellness mentor who finds what you CAN do and are capable of doing.

May your actions to take care of yourself cause you to discover your greatest potential for healthy living.

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