Adult Relaxation Massage in Republic MO

Relaxation Massage for Adults in Republic, MO

Refuge Wellness is proud to offer adult relaxation massage services right here in Republic, MO.

Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, reduce daily stresses, or simply pamper yourself, a relaxation massage may be just what you need. Through soothing techniques like Swedish strokes, light pressure, and flow-focused movements, our therapists can melt away tension held throughout your body.

During each session, you'll sink into a state of deep calm and relaxation under the skilled hands of our massage professionals. In addition to leaving you feeling serene and recharged, recommendations will also be provided for simple self-care practices to maintain your relaxed state outside of the treatment room.

We take a customized approach using slow, unwinding modalities matched to your individual needs and preferences. The end result is a sense of peace, reduced cortisol levels, and an improved ability to handle life's pressures.

What is Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation massage is all about letting go of stress and tension. The techniques, like Swedish strokes, help melt your muscles into a puddle of calm. Our skilled massage therapists know all the tricks and have the best environment to help your body fully unwind.

Besides feeling good physically by releasing aches and pains, relaxation massage is great for your mental health too. All that cortisol (the stress hormone) gets flushed out of your system and the endorphins make everything feel happy and peaceful.

Making relaxation massage a regular self-care thing brings all kinds of benefits long-term. It boosts clarity, manages stress better, improves sleep and even helps other health goals. Pampering yourself helps you handle whatever life throws your way feeling refreshed and ready to roll. Relaxation massage - treat yourself, de-stress, and feel awesome as we to help you achieve new levels of health and wellness.

Starting at $50

Adult Relaxation Massage Services

We offer 30, 60, & 90 Minute relaxation massage sessions tailored for you specific needs.

Relaxation massage can benefit people in a variety of situations looking to de-stress. It's perfect for unwinding after a long day or week. Those with physically demanding jobs or busy moms will appreciate how relaxation massage melts away tension in the muscles and joints.

Our therapists are skilled in techniques like Swedish strokes and other manual techniques that stimulate relaxation. Adjunct modalities can help further lower your stress levels and promote a sense of calm. Our therapists are well-versed in customized approaches tailored just for your needs and preferences each visit.

Relaxation massage provides the opportunity to fully check out from daily responsibilities and cares. The dimly lit, peaceful environment enhances your experience of deep relaxation. Spending even just 30 minutes minutes in a state of calm allows you to recharge in both body and mind. You'll leave feeling revived and better equipped to handle what's ahead with less stress weighing you down.

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Our approach:



Follow Up

At Refuge Wellness, our approach to therapeutic massage prioritizes each client's unique wellness needs and goals. To fully understand how to support your journey, we follow a tried-and-true 3-step cornerstone process with every session.

step 1


Our massage therapists will take the time to learn about any areas causing pain or discomfort, your lifestyle and daily routines, wellness priorities, medical history and more. This personalized intake provides invaluable insights into tailoring your treatment.

step 2


Armed with information from the assessment, our individualized treatment directly addresses your specific concerns. Whether alleviating chronic tension, recovering from an injury or simply promoting relaxation, techniques are carefully chosen and modified based on your feedback to achieve the best results.

step 3

Follow Up

No session at Refuge Wellness is complete without follow up to ensure your continued progress. Post-massage, your therapist will provide guidance to complement in-office work and check-in on how you're feeling. Follow up appointments are also scheduled to support your wellness goals long-term.

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Meet Your Therapist:
Katie; PT, DPT, LMT

Katie, our primary massage therapist, Katie, has experience within the context of both medical and massage backgrounds. She holds credentials as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Katie strives to be the best massage therapist in Republic, MO. She saw a need for more accessible wellness healthcare and  founded Refuge Wellness as a means to help people progress through a wellness path.

Her background in medical massage therapy allows for a unique, specialized approach in guiding people through a health and wellness journey centered around mobility, performance, athleticism, and functional movements of everyday life. Thus, Katie's greatest strengths reside in sports massage, mobility education, and injury prevention.

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