Pediatric Relaxation Massage in Republic MO

Relaxation Massage for Children in Republic, MO

As parents, we want the very best for our children's well-being. However, everyday life can bring stresses that overwhelm their young minds and bodies. Significant changes, emotional challenges, sleep issues - these are all areas where pediatric relaxation massage may provide natural support.

Our licensed therapists are trained to help children of all ages unwind and decompress through nurturing, therapeutic touch. Gentle Swedish techniques release tension while promoting feelings of calm and security

 For 30 or 60 minutes, your child will relax in a safe, caring environment as you observe the session.

What is Pediatric Relaxation Massage?

Pediatric relaxation massage is a specialized form of massage therapy designed specifically for children and infants. Unlike traditional adult massage, the techniques used during a pediatric massage are adapted to be gentle, playful, and developmentally appropriate for young bodies and minds. Our therapists receive extensive training to ensure they can work with children in a nurturing and caring way that promotes relaxation and wellness.

The benefits of a relaxation massage for children and babies are wide-ranging. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, muscle tension, and aid conditions like colic, growing pains, or headaches. On a developmental level, consistent massage fosters self-regulation, trust in touch experiences, and secure attachment. Emotional and behavioral issues may also see improvement.

Additionally, children's massage supports wellness by enhancing relaxation, sleep, digestion, and motor skills in a nurturing, positive environment. By making pediatric relaxation massage a part of your wellness toolkit, you give your child adaptive skills to manage stressors now and lifelong.

Contact us to learn more about how our relaxation massage services may benefit your little one during the developmental stage of life.

Starting at $40

Pediatric Massage Services

We offer 30 & 60 Minute pediatric massage sessions tailored for your little one's specific needs right here at our Republic, MO clinic.

During a session, a licensed pediatric massage therapist will employ light touch, slow strokes, and gentle pressure. The massage may also incorporate play elements. Our therapists are skilled at modifying the experience based on factors like the child's age, abilities, and individual needs. Sessions frequently include calming music or aromatherapy to further soothe both the mind and body.

For issues like headaches, muscle strains or pain from conditions like arthritis, we may perform deeper therapeutic massage techniques to alleviate discomfort. Massage for Special Needs Children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing disorders receive individualized massage to support regulation. Our therapists are trained in specialized techniques.

Aromatherapy Calming essential oils are used during massage to further promote relaxation.

All our services are provided in a safe, nurturing environment by therapists with extensive pediatric training. We want your child to not just feel better, but also learn healthy ways to manage stress through massage. Please contact us to discuss the best option for your child's specific needs.

See our additional pediatric massage options intended to help your child advance in their health needs.

Our approach:



Follow Up

At Refuge Wellness, our approach to therapeutic massage prioritizes each client's unique wellness needs and goals. To fully understand how to support your journey, we follow a tried-and-true 3-step cornerstone process with every session.

step 1


Our massage therapists will take the time to learn about any areas causing pain or discomfort, your lifestyle and daily routines, wellness priorities, medical history and more. This personalized intake provides invaluable insights into tailoring your treatment.

step 2


Armed with information from the assessment, our individualized treatment directly addresses your specific concerns. Whether alleviating chronic tension, recovering from an injury or simply promoting relaxation, techniques are carefully chosen and modified based on your feedback to achieve the best results.

step 3

Follow Up

No session at Refuge Wellness is complete without follow up to ensure your continued progress. Post-massage, your therapist will provide guidance to complement in-office work and check-in on how you're feeling. Follow up appointments are also scheduled to support your wellness goals long-term.

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Meet Your Therapist:
Katie; PT, DPT, LMT

Katie, our primary massage therapist, Katie, has experience within the context of both medical and massage backgrounds. She holds credentials as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Katie strives to be the best massage therapist in Republic, MO. She saw a need for more accessible wellness healthcare and  founded Refuge Wellness as a means to help people progress through a wellness path.

Her background in medical massage therapy allows for a unique, specialized approach in guiding people through a health and wellness journey centered around mobility, performance, athleticism, and functional movements of everyday life. Thus, Katie's greatest strengths reside in sports massage, mobility education, and injury prevention.

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